Stone Care Services

Whether you've just had new kitchen counters, bathroom tops or tile flooring installed, all of the materials chosen are not only practical but also beautiful. Most natural stones are thought of as very low maintenance, but they are not maintenance free. When you have natural stone installed in your home or office, it is an investment that will give your many years of use. Stone is a natural product and some simple care and maintenance will keep it looking new for years to come. Attention to simple maintenance will guarantee your stone surface stays beautiful!

Here are some recommendations for routine care and cleaning which follow the guidelines set by The Marble Institute of America and will help maintain the showroom quality of your natural stone.

Standard Maintenance Practices

Following these simple guidelines will help you maintain the beauty and appearance of your tile and stone for years to come. At Michael J Tile and Stone Inc. we can provide any information and service you might need regarding the care and maintenance of your tile surfaces. Give us a call at (949) 235-5100 or contact via email if you have any questions.